'Investing in the African Dream'

Why You Should Become The Bank!

South Africa is well-placed to become a regional financial centre for Africa. Africa needs a financial hub to intermediate the large flows of foreign capital that will be required to rebuild the continent. At the same time, the financial systems of the African nations need to be rebuilt, so as to mobilize capital and reduce the considerable risks inherent in investing in, and trading with, many African nations. This programme looks at the role played by individual families and communities in the financial history of Money, Banking and Credit.


 1. The Shylock Brothers
-Shylock also known as the Merchant of Venice, portrayed by William Shakespeare as most vindictive in his temper; 'penurious in his ways, griping in his dealings, unjust in his practices.

2. The Medici family, 
- The House of Medici, first attained wealth and political power in Florence in the 13th century through its success in commerce and banking

3.The Rothschild Family
- Famous for their banking activities, the Rothschild family is also known for their achievements as winemakers, collectors and charitable benefactors.
- They built their empire through the bond market.

As you go through this programme you will be challenged to start thinking, functioning like the bank or even more, You will learn basic underlying principles that govern money such as Saving, Investing, Leveraging as mentioned in the parable of the talents. This programme will answer pressing questions such as why we need a New Financial system and more Kingdom Banks that will steward kingdom resources and money, finance kingdom enterprises , lend at no usury, bring economic benefit to the societies and facilitate the economic reformation in our nation and  continent to realize the African Dream of economic freedom.


Workshop Objectives:

  • Define Kingdom Banking

  • Understand Kingdom concepts and components

  • Understand how economies are built

  • Describe different types of Banking and financial systems

  • Differentiate between Economic freedom and security

  • Develop Business and Economic leaders with a Biblical worldview

  • Understand the Joseph Calling and his role in National Treasury of Egypt

  • Develop a Kingdom entrepreneurial culture within our nation

  • Develop a Kingdom Investor and Philanthropist psychology

  • Understand how to manage God’s resources

  • Develop the passion to finance the gospel of the kingdom


Who can attend these workshops?

  • Entrepreneurs; Investors; Philanthropists; Professionals; Church Leaders; Students and Youth Leaders

  • Register by purchasing the 'Why You Should Become the Bank ' and 'Awaken the Financial Genius' books at our shop. 


Duration: 12 Weeks commencing in April 2021 (Online on Zoom)


Programme Content Outline


Getting Started: Can God entrust you with financial resources?

Introduction: I want you to be the Bank

Session 1: The Wake-up Call 

Session 2: The Financial History of the World

Session 3: An Overview of the South African financial system

Session 4: The Battle to Reform the SA’s financial system

Session 5: The Coming Financial Revolution

Session 6: The New Breed of Public Financial Managers

Session 7: Why you should become the Bank

Session 8: Kingdom Banks – The Resource Centres

Session 9: The Five Jars Principle of managing money

Session 10:  Awaken the financial Genius within you

Wrapping up: The African Dream