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Welcome to the Storytelling and Literature workshop – This is a 10 day workshop for anyone passionate about writing and telling transformational stories that will build our nation. According to HUB Spot Academy "Storytelling is an art form as old as time and has a place in every culture and society. Why? Because stories are a universal language that everyone — regardless of dialect, hometown, or heritage — can understand. Stories stimulate imagination and passion and create a sense of community among listeners and tellers alike."

Telling a story is like painting a picture with words. While everyone can tell a story, certain people fine-tune their storytelling skills and become a storyteller on behalf of their organization, brand, or business. You might’ve heard of these folks — we typically refer to them as marketers, content writers, or PR professionals. Every member of an organization can tell a story." - HUB SPOT ACADEMY

​ Good stories are …

  • Entertaining: Good stories keep the reader engaged and interested in what’s coming next.

  • Educational: Good stories spark curiosity and add to the reader’s knowledge bank.

  • Universal: Good stories are relatable to all readers and tap into emotions and experiences that most people undergo.

  • Organized: Good stories follow a succinct organization that helps convey the core message and helps readers absorb it.

  • Memorable: Whether through inspiration, scandal, or humor, good stories stick in the reader’s mind.


Here is what you can expect from these workshop series:

Getting Started ( Registration, Orientation & Workshop Objectives)

Preface: What is Your Story?

Introduction: Shattered financial Dreams

Session 1: What do you have in your hands?

Session 2 : You are called to write!

Session 3 : Unlocking your unique story

Session 4 : The power of your script

Session 5 : Discovering your unique significant voice

Session 6 : Storytelling, Writing and Publishing

Session 7: Turning your story into Wealth

Session 8 : Your book as a Nation building transferable tool

Wrapping up: The power of Now!

Epilogue: Just Write

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