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Legacy Mentoring

Great organizations recognizes their obligation to continue contributing to the socio-economic goals and the entire social development of a community and nation. Therefore it is important to ensure that an ultimate succession policy regarding the continuity of the business is developed and becomes part of its culture. Business and organizations needs to ensure that there is a proper management and leadership development plan to ensure that there are people who will be able to lead the business should the owners or current leadership resigns, retire or even die.

In order to achieve this, we believe that among many so many tools for succession planning, Mentoring is a critical tool in ensuring proper succession. 

Mentoring is:

  • The process of using specially selected and trained individuals to provide guidance and advice which will help to develop the ‘mentees’

  • The process aimed at complementing learning on the job, which must always be the best way of acquiring the particular skills and knowledge the job holder needs.

  • The process that complements formal training by providing those who benefit from it with individual guidance from experienced persons who are ‘wise in the ways of the organization.

“Those who seek mentoring, will rule the great expanse under heaven. Those who boast that they are greater than others will fall short. Those who are willing to learn from others, become greater. Those who are ego-involved will be humbled and made small”. – Shu Ching

Mentors are people with experience willing to share their knowledge; supporters, people who give emotional and moral encouragement; tutors, people who give specific feedback on one’s performance; masters, in the sense of employers to whom one is apprenticed; sponsors, sources of information about, and aid in obtaining opportunities; models of identity, of the kind of person one should be….


In the Year 1990 In Homer’s The Odyssey, Mentor was a trusted friend of Odysseus the King of Ithaca. Before leaving for the Trojan Wars, Odysseus asked Mentor to take charge of the royal household and raise Telemachus, the king’s young son. Mentor had to be a parent, teacher, role model, counselor, trusted adviser, challenger, and encourager to the young Telemachus in order for him to become a wise and good ruler.


The word “Mentor” derives from the Indo-European root men-, meaning “to think” and probably meant “advisor” in ancient Greek.Today, the word connotes not only the personal functions served by Mentor, it also includes a career function. A career mentor helps to guide one’s entry into the profession and steer a course on the career path.

  • Mentoring is different from advising, It serves two major functions:

    •  Personal, Career and Business

  • Mentoring is all about communicating. If you don’t communicate, you can’t: as a mentor, share your accumulated wisdom as a mentee, learn anything from your mentor

  • Do not expect to get everything from a single mentor. While it is tempting to put your first mentor on a pedestal as the ultimate role model, different mentors have different strengths.

  • Mentoring relationships are not static, expect yours to evolve. This seems to surprise everyone! Expect the focus of the mentoring to alter and both roles to be redefined as the relationship evolves. While it may be incredibly productive and smooth most of the time, it might be awkward or even tense at others. Variability and change are normal characteristics of mentoring relationships


Mentoring phases/ stages:

  • Initiation

Potential mentoring pair gets to know each other; each recognizes the potential of the other; mentee comes to respect mentor and mentor recognizes mentees and shows promise.

  • Cultivation

Bulk of the mentoring “work”; lengthiest phase; each learns about the other’s abilities; mentee learns and mentor advises, promotes, and protects.

  • Separation

Most dynamic and least expected; Tension may be most notable characteristic because mentoring functions decrease and mentee acts more independently; tension and stress are a normal and neither spells doom. “You have to make it through the hard times to experience the exceptional rewards.”


Some guidelines for Mentors

  • Mentoring is an informal and supportive relationship whereby a more experienced member of staff undertakes to help a new member of staff learn his/her job and its context

  • A mentor should provide:

    •  initial departmental induction

    •  observation of work and feedback

    • the opportunity for the mentee to learn from the mentor’s example, and guidance on, acceptable standards of work in all aspects of being an employee

    • information, advice and guidance on departmental, procedures

    • guidance on departmental culture – ‘the way we do things here’

  • A mentor should be prepared to:

    •  initiate regular meetings with a mentee and be available, within reason, on request

    •  assist with any problems relating to the performance of duties which a mentee chooses to raise

    • appreciate a mentee’s differing experience and needs

    •  accept that a mentee will wish to seek advice and support from a variety of mentors

    •  respect the importance of trust in the mentoring relationship

    •  maintain a written record of meetings held with the mentee

  • A mentor should be able to:

    •  listen actively and attentively

    •  ask open and appropriate questions

    •  reflect back feelings and opinions he/she observes

    • make suggestions without sounding prescriptive

    •  Summarize the main points of discussion give constructive, positive and precise feedback.


We provide our Clients with trained Personal Mentors who assist entrepreneurs, managers and employees to be more effective in their personal lives and in the business.  Our company has trained Professional Mentors who can assist you and your business.

We provide mentoring on the following:

  • Leadership Mentoring

  • Business Mentoring

  • Career Mentoring

  • One on one Mentoring

  • Group Mentoring

  • Mentoring Training’s and Workshops

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