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"A Government Beyond ANC/DA/EFF" by Thabo Sizo Mahlobo


In "A Government Beyond ANC/DA/EFF," author Thabo Sizo Mahlobo presents a visionary exploration of South Africa's political landscape and proposes a new paradigm for governance beyond traditional party lines. Through a comprehensive examination of historical contexts, contemporary challenges, and innovative solutions, Mahlobo challenges readers to envision a future where leadership transcends partisan politics and prioritizes the well-being of all citizens.


The book begins with a thought-provoking preface, questioning the current state of affairs in South Africa and urging readers to consider the causes worth fighting for in the pursuit of a better society. In the introduction, Mahlobo sets the stage by portraying South Africa at a crossroads, facing critical decisions about its future direction.


The subsequent chapters delve into various aspects of governance, leadership, and societal transformation:

  • The Need for Leadership and Governance: Mahlobo highlights the importance of effective leadership in addressing South Africa's challenges and driving positive change.
  • Understanding Leadership and Governance: Distinguishing between politics and government, Mahlobo explores the essence of true leadership and its role in shaping a nation.
  • History and Developmental Phases of Modern Governments: Mahlobo traces the evolution of governance structures globally, offering insights into the diverse models of governance.
  • History and Development of Political Parties Globally: Examining the role of political parties, Mahlobo provides context for the formation and evolution of South Africa's political landscape.
  • The History and the Battle to Reform Government in South Africa: Mahlobo recounts the struggle for government reform in South Africa, highlighting past efforts and challenges.
  • The Role and Structure of Government in South Africa: Mahlobo provides an in-depth analysis of the current government structure in South Africa, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Understanding and Navigating Democracy in the 21st Century: Mahlobo explores the complexities of democracy in the modern era and the implications for governance.
  • A Government Beyond ANC, DA, and EFF: Mahlobo presents a bold vision for a government that transcends traditional party affiliations and prioritizes the interests of all citizens.
  • Rethinking Government in South Africa – Non-Partisan Government: Mahlobo proposes a revolutionary model of non-partisan government, advocating for a blend of independent and proportional representation.
  • The People Shall Govern! (The Freedom Charter Points): Mahlobo revisits the principles of the Freedom Charter and their relevance to contemporary governance.


The subsequent chapters delve into innovative approaches to governance, including community-based leadership, empowerment of youth and women, strengthening families and communities, and leveraging the church as a resource center. Mahlobo emphasizes the importance of grassroots initiatives, community engagement, and collaborative efforts in driving societal transformation.


Through his compelling narrative and insightful analysis, Mahlobo inspires readers to reimagine governance in South Africa and embrace a new era of leadership that transcends political divisions. "A Government Beyond ANC/DA/EFF" serves as a call to action for all citizens to actively participate in shaping the future of their nation.

A New Government Beyond ANC / DA / EFF

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