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Why not become your own financial advisor?


Financial problems begin when financial advice, a sale pitch is confused with financial education. Many people think advice and education mean the same thing, but they don’t.

• Asking for advice means, “Tell me what to do.”

• Seeking education means, “Tell me what to study so I can learn what I need to do.”

The difference between education and advice may seem like a small point, but little differences can often have a significant impact over a person’s lifetime. If all you’ve been taught to do is hand your money over to salespeople, you are a customer, not a financially educated person. Why not become your financial advisor?


As you read this book you will be able to take charge over your finances and be in the position to teach your children what you never learned. We also shared 12 financial lessons we wish we learned at an earlier age that would have given us a head start in life:

1. Never work for money, work to learn

2. Not all income is equal

3.Tithing part of our income

4. Giving generously

5.Tax make the rich richer (Understand the other side of tax)

6.Saving to create capacity to be generous and investing, not for rainy days

7. Using insurance for rainy days

8.Investing as an inside and sophisticated investor

9.Dealing with money emotions and spend wisely

10.Using Debt as a leverage to acquire more assets, not for private consumption.

11. Understanding the Law (Use the law to protect our assets and wealth)

12. Becoming financially smart (Differentiate between Assets versus Liabilities, Good expense versus bad expenses)

Awaken the Financial Genius in You

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