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In the wake of tragedy, a tale of triumph emerges.


Join Dr. Mmasechaba on an extraordinary journey through the pages of her life as she navigates the aftermath of her well-known actor husband's heart-wrenching suicide in January 2022. In the midst of unfathomable grief, she grapples with the complex emotions of loss and the quest for a new beginning.


A Personal Odyssey Unveiled


"I am Dr Mmasechaba" is a compelling memoir that invites readers into the heart of resilience. With unyielding courage, Dr. Mmasechaba shares her intimate struggles and triumphs, providing a candid account of her pursuit of healing amidst the shadows of profound sorrow."


Emerging from Darkness


This poignant narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a remarkable achievement - the completion of her Ph.D., just five months after her husband's burial. Driven by an indomitable spirit, she turns the pain into power, demonstrating that even in the face of the darkest moments, there lies the potential for renewal.


A Story of Identity and Triumph


"I am Dr Mmasechaba" is not merely a memoir; it's a declaration of identity and triumph. In recounting her journey, Dr. Mmasechaba invites readers to witness the strength of the human spirit and find inspiration in the capacity to rise above adversity.


About the Author


Dr Violet Mmasechaba Shai is a Mother, Grandmother, and a Nation Builder. She is passionate about advocating for the empowerment of women, girls, youth and men. She is a Catalyst for Empowerment and Transformation, a Beacon of Hope and a Strategic force towards enhancing the well being of families and communities.



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Expected to be couriered in April after the Book Launch.
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