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Called to impact all the spheres of influence!


Every Monday morning millions of people in South Africa and around the world go to work forgetting what they heard or did on Saturday /Sunday and move across an imaginary demarcation line of sacred versus secular. This says there is little relationship between what they experience on Saturday/Sunday and what they do in their workplace on Monday. They either do not see the need to live out their faith in their workplace or they view their work and business as secular with no direct relationship with their faith.


I believe that God is raising up a new remnant of people who will perform their daily work with an overriding ministry objective to it. This is the ultimate fulfilment when a person understands why God made them and that they are actually called to the work they are doing and God is using them to impact the world. True success is fulfilling the purpose for which God made you. It has nothing to do with money, prestige or notoriety. God’s measurement of success is very clear – doing the will of God.


God is indeed raising a remnant of righteous professionals and business leaders who will turn our nation back to a righteous form of commerce. So whether you are a caterer, cleaner, banker, artisan, academic, lawyer or auditor, you stand in the midst of God’ purposes as one of His Change agents, not just a professional. And this book will help you discover your marketplace calling and assignment.


About the Author

Thabo is the Founder of the New Economy Leadership Institute, a 7 mountain institute with an on -going objective to resource marketplace leaders to become effective and transformational leaders in the marketplace.

He is also the Co-Founder of Mahlobo Foundation , a private equity family business with a fund raised and managed by investment professionals to perform a broad economic development function and engage in the business of extending long term support to small businesses.

He is also the Executive Chairperson of TNE Africa a network of professionals and business men and women with a passion to resource marketplace leaders in Africa.

His passion is to reach, transform and bless Africa….He view Africa as a precious jewel in God’s hands.

Marketplace Calling

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