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Love is the most important word in the world. Both spiritual and secular thinkers agree that love plays a central role in life. Thousands of books, songs, magazines, and movies have this word all over them. Psychologists have agreed that the need to feel loved is a primary human emotional need. People will do anything for love.


This book is story of two married couples who reached a dead end in their marriage, not because love failed, but because they lacked relational intelligence and marriage education. But as they started meeting together for a period of 12 weeks having unscripted breakfast, lunch and  dinner conversations, they realized that they lacked insight, not love.


Inspired by the words of Jesus in Matthew 22:29 “But Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God,” they spent time searching and making amazing discoveries that transformed their marriages. Marriage education does not begin when you are already engaged, it is then too late and very risky. Most educational psychologists will tell you that most learning happens between ages 0-12, which is the first window period of quantum learning in a child. How married couples address their increasing relationship/marriage and financial pressures will depend upon what they learned  about relationships during the first and second learning windows.





The book also summarizes the 12 Lessons from those unscripted conversations which I wish I learned between the ages of zero to 12, which would have given me a head start in life and an advantage in my marriage:


1.Marriage is God's Idea, not a Man-made Idea.

2. Marriage is between Two people, Male and Female.

3. Marriage is a Covenant.

4. Marriage as a Ceremony and Legal institution.

5. Marriage is Not for Everyone.

6. Marriage Needs Commitment and Faithfulness.

7. Marriage Needs a Renewed Mind.

8. Marriage Needs Lifelong Learning.

9. Marriage Needs Financial Intelligence.

10. Marriage Needs Love and Respect.

11. Marriages Fail, People Separate and Divorce.

12. Marriages Live, People Reconcile and Remarry.


About the Author


Thabo Sizo Mahlobo is a husband to Nthabiseng Mahlobo, a Dad to Noluthando, Neo and Nokuthula Mahlobo, all passionate about family education. He is the founder of Daddy’s Home Education; a family education company with a network of families led by fathers who are passionate about bringing timeless principles and resources to families, local communities, and nations.

Sthandwa Sami, Please Come Home!

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