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Moving Forward!
Moving forward is Thabo’s personal journey on how to deal with ‘pain, adversity, loss and setbacks’ in life by developing strong resilience and an unrelenting life of faith where giving up is not an option. Life can be such a bully, it will beat you up and knock you down so badly, and you’ll need the tools and the disciplines to get up, navigate your way out of a mess and keep moving forward.
In these sessions Thabo show us that “Without the kingdom of God, you have limited perception of reality”. In his introduction, He sets the tone by reminding us of the story of the children of Israel who had camped in Horeb for about a year (Exodus 19:1; Numbers 10:11-12) when God said, "You have been here long enough; it's time to move on." One of the greatest dangers we have is the tendency to settle down once we find a comfort zone. The children of Israel had a clear destiny which was to go to the promise land and occupy it.
Thabo continues to reveal to the candidates some of the hindrances that keep people stuck in life or which make them camp forever whenever they find a comfort zone. People often get stuck in life because of the following reasons:
1. Ignorance of God’s will for their lives
2. Fear of the unknown, failure, and of people’s opinions
3. Unbelief (having a limited perception of reality believing only what they see with their natural eyes)

At the climax of this course, Thabo shares some of his personal insight and wisdom on how to overcome all these hindrances, and He reveals ‘Ephesians 5:17 ‘as one of the keys to an effective life “Don't act thoughtlessly, but understand what the Lord wants you to do”. And also Proverbs 13:15, "Good understanding gives favor; But the way of the transgressor is hard". A good understanding of the will of God for your life will give you favor among men; it will open up doors and unlimited opportunities. After these sessions you should have a clear understanding of the following:

·          The power of decision making

·          The power of understanding and discernment

·          Understanding your purpose

·          Understanding your design

·          Understanding your assignment

·          Understanding divine direction

·          Discerning the right time and timing

·          The power of small beginning

·          The power of now

So if you are serious about moving forward in life, Register for this course, get the book for yourself, get it for your friends and colleagues, it will set them on fire and on a course to fulfill their destiny. Adversities, pain and challenges are great catalysts in moving us closer and closer to our convergence zone and destiny. Refuse to give up, refuse to break down and never back down. Keep moving forward!

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