'Investing in the African Dream'



We need to explore alternative financial solutions that will complement the life and shared values of African people which are underpinned by a strong sense of community, love and sharing.The formation of TNEVest Investor Club was inspired by ‘Why You Should Become the Bank book’, written by Thabo Mahlobo, which provides a refreshing approach to Community Based Financial solutions. It explores practical ways to sustainably rebuild and grow the South African economy. It is underpinned by Kingdom principles and values in Business, Economic Development, and Governance.

Why Community Based Finance

In 2013 Financial co-operatives – served 857 million people (13% of world’s population) in two ways:


1. Job creation

  • Provided 100 million jobs around the world.

  • EU - provided 2.3 million jobs.


2. Securing livelihoods

  • Secured the livelihood of 3 billion people (half the world’s population.)

  • Kenya - 63% of the population derived their livelihoods from co-operatives.


Some worldwide numbers:

  • More than 1 billion people in the world are members of co-operatives (50% of the world’s population & 3 x more than individual shareholders in companies and other investor-owned enterprises)

  • Active in all countries.

  • International Co-operative Movements represent 800 million members (more than the total population of Europe)

  • Africa - 40% of households belong to a co-operative

  • US – more than 100 million members (40% of the population)


Proven success and resilience


  • Highly successful business model

  • Global driver of economic growth.

  • 2005 - 2010 co-operatives worldwide outperformed publicly listed companies on market share gains (e.g. insurance, food retail, pharmacy, healthcare, business services, education and housing sectors).

  • 2010 - 300 largest co-operatives had combined ann. turnover of $2 trillion

  • Kenya

    • account for 45% of the GDP

    • 31% of gross national savings

    • control the markets for coffee, cotton and dairy.

  • India 

    • consumer needs of 67% of rural households are met by co-operatives

  • European co-operative banks:

    • 50 million members (10% of the continent’s total population)

    • 181 million clients, & 780 000 employees

    • €5.65 billion in assets market share of approx. 20%.


International interest and enthusiasm

  • 2012 - ‘The International Year of the Co-operative’, with the assertion that: ‘Co-operative enterprises build a better world’

  • UN’s ‘2020’ vision for co-operatives


Youth and Investor Clubs in SA

There are three areas in which township youth entrepreneurs exhibit high potential for business success.

• Youth able to translate their ‘hobbies’ into enterprise activities.

• Youth that are brought into family businesses.

• Youth with jobs who establish informal micro-enterprises as a safety-net or investment strategy

In response to the need for decent and dignified funeral, thousands of burial societies were born to provide an informal funeral insurance cover at affordable rate - to an estimated 12.5 million members and their dependents. This economic activity is valued at R25 billion; and Stokvels have played a important role in funding education of black children and providing credit to township entrepreneurs. 

Our Team has been busy setting up Growth Hubs in almost every strategic cities, townships and villages to help raise more entrepreneurs, we provide them with tools to set up businesses with solid models and then finance them using the funds we raised from our Investor Club members . This help in building local economies. We have also started mobilizing men and women in our nation to form a Co-operative Financial Institute that will later become a Co-operative bank .Our goal is to stimulate a culture of saving to invest in entrepreneurial projects that will uplift Africa while bringing great returns to the members of the Saving and Investment Scheme.