Wealth Education

"The rules in the business world are totally different. They are completely different worlds and require different mindsets, tools, skills and behavior. Continuous learning and education should be your constant bedfellows in order to help you on this entrepreneurial journey." - MFVest Group



What do you do? When it seems like you’ve lost everything, have nothing and no one to help you. The answer is, USE what you have and let God multiply it.


Why You Should Become the Bank!

Humans are the only creatures that use money.  Animals and birds and insects and fishes and plants exist together in the world without it. But in human societies the earning and spending of money has become one of the most important ways we connect with one another


Awaken the Financial Genius in You

It is so unfortunate that most of us spend almost 70 percent of our time working for money yet we have never taken the time to learn more about it, its power and impact it has in our lives.


COVID-19 Or A Global Season of Rest and Reset?

In a world that is so busy and preoccupied with the haves and have nots, you will always........

The New Economy Recitation

My heart is overflowing with a good theme of ‘ The New Economy’;

Shattered Financial Dreams

I recently had an opportunity to write a book on Financial Intelligence .....

Entrepreneurs stay on start up mode way too long. Its time for CHANGE!

It’s time to move from startup to grown up mode ....