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Over the centuries certain economic ideas have been formulated into well-known economic theories established over time. These ideas are now defined as a philosophies, or “a way of thinking.” Some of these “formalized ideas” have produced “schools of thought,” which have become  foundations of our economics theoretical and ideological premises for the creation of economic systems of governing communities, societies, cities, nations, and the world. On the negative side, some of these ideologies have been the source of injustice, destruction, oppression, mass poverty, depression, and social terror.

Ideas such as Communism, Socialism and Capitalism have dominated world economies for centuries. We have seen the battle of ideas between major Economist, Politicians, Business people and Leaders of nations, major wars have emerged as a result of these ideologies, many illegitimate systems such as colonization, imperialism and apartheid started as a results of these ideologies. We often find ourselves evolving and revolving around these ideas hoping that somehow our lives will become better and we can one day establish the ideal world free from pain, hatred, fear, poverty and other social ills- a world of peace, love, joy, and harmony among all mankind. Yet no matter how much we try to re-create this world, the fulfilment of our hope and desire for an ideal world seems impossible.


South Africa is at a tipping point, our economy is deteriorating, unemployment rate is going up, major companies are disinvesting from our country, many revolts are happening throughout the country, citizens dissatisfied with the current leadership of the country. South Africa has received junk status from rating agencies, the strength of the rand is not good, no good news on the streets and from the media. All hope seems to be gone for many.


While all of this is true that our economy is falling apart, hope is all gone and lives are crashing down around us, This course will be your guide and will give you the hope you need to navigate your way out in the midst of this current economic challenges. This course will also show you how all these past economic ideologies have failed, and that they are the major cause of all this unrest.

As you go through the sessions, you will discover that there is a system which God established to govern the world. A kingdom commonwealth, a system design by the king to ensure that citizens of the kingdom have equal access to resources and financial security. This is what I call the New Economy, an economy established on principles that are timeless, eternal, an economy that is neither communist nor capitalist but it’s all depended on God as King, and His agenda for the earth. The only ancient hope for modern economies.


You will also learn:


  • The difference between Kingdom Economics and World Economics)

  • The Battle of Ideas (Kingdom governance Vs Communism & Capitalism)

  • The Battle to Reform (A system designed to reject any type of reform)

  • The Shemmitah (The Jewish economic cycle)

  • Kingdom Wealth (Covenant promises)

    • A Commonwealth, not imperialism, socialism, communism, dictatorship, humanism, deism, democracy, monarchy and capitalism

    •  An entrepreneurial culture as a key driver within the new economy

    • A Renewed Purpose of Education

    •  A new breed of Marketplace Leaders with a Biblical worldview "Work as Calling"

    • A new financial system not built on “Credit” but thriving on Giving and Investing

    • A Kingdom Bank lending at no usury "zero interest" (Biblical principles versus Shylock and Medici Banking principles)

    • A prosperous people and nation reflecting the King's Glory

    • Stewards of God's resources, advancing and financing the gospel of the kingdom * A program designed to bring many lost sons and daughters back into the Kingdom of the Father*

The New EconomyThabo Mahlobo
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