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Think and Create Legacy Education

Graduate School of Key Influencers - GSKI

The desire to remain in step with economic, social and technology change and stay competitive in the marketplace has turned the requirement for the training and retraining into paramount issues for employers and employees alike.


Large percentage of African population is unskilled, the number is too great for the formal education system to bear. Organizations therefore have a responsibility to contribute towards the effective education, training and development of their employees and thereby, help counter national illiteracy.


We believe that God is raising up a new remnant of men and women in the marketplace that pursue their work with an overriding ministry objective to it. These are men and women who have made spiritual discoveries that have resulted in them being used by God to impact their workplaces. This is the ultimate fulfilment when a person understands they are actually called to the work they are doing and God uses them to impact their workplace.

True success is fulfilling the purpose for which God made you. It has little to do with money, prestige or notoriety. God’s measurement of success is very clear - doing the will of God. His greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind. From this relationship with God everything else should flow. We cannot help but impact our culture if we love God and obey Him.


Through our Programmes, Training and Workshops we trust that we will be able to incorporate biblical truth with knowledge so that we can have Bi lingual students who will know God and also know and understand the culture in the Marketplace , and accurately represent the Kingdom of God


Dr Lance Covan believes that in order to engage those who do not think like them, and in order to be influential, young people must speak to others in a language that those people understand. “Instead of using Christian jargon and abstract, nebulous language, young people have to learn how to speak persuasively, with tact and tenacity, on a variety of topics using ideas and terms that have universal appeal.


Feel free to contact us, for more information on how you can be part of this Institute.


Yours Sincerely


Thabo & Nthabiseng Mahlobo

Think and Create Legacy Education ,Founders & Team Leaders

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