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Reclaiming the Mountain of Education


In order to reclaim the mountain of education, we need a renewal among parents and educators in our nation. The god of education today is knowledge that is not based on truth, simply more knowledge without wisdom, Depicted as a conflict between Greece, which represents knowledge based systems, and Hebraic, which is based on obedience based intimacy with God.’ Zechariah 9:13′


King Solomon, the wisest man and philosopher who ever lived on earth advised us to train up our children in the ways of the Lord so that when they are old, they will not go astray. We cannot expect our schooling system to do that for us. Having a multi-generational plan of training our children to be Great ethical thinkers, strategists, entrepreneurs, professionals and practitioners is the most important calling a parent has! Unfortunately, most parents rarely take time to do that, even when they do, it is not enough to nurture them to be world-class leaders. So often this responsibility is relegated to the class teachers and the schooling system.


As parents, we must fully explore what the kingdom principles are regarding history, law, psychology, education, religion, politics, economics, family, and science in order to be able to have a kingdom worldview that will serve as our lens to interpret all the data we inhale and pass on to our children as we shape future leaders of society. We also must have an understanding of the purpose of education which is to “impart truth, developing character, draw out the unique potential and develop the skill in every learner with an understanding that not all children are the same and are wired differently for a purpose”. So if you are serious about change in education, read this COURSE!

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