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The most competitive nations are those that have the highest level of entrepreneurial activity. Small and medium size businesses tend to be the greatest creators of jobs and collectively, the greatest creators of wealth in emerging economies. In 1790, 90% of the United States population was self-employed, a fact that is commonly thought to have been a major factor in the building of the world’s largest economy. Many of today’s most impactful global corporate began as small entrepreneurial ventures in America at about that time. In South Africa, as in other emerging economies, these potentially transformative entrepreneurial people and entities must be identified and nurtured now.


Unfortunately our educational system does not nurture such want to be entrepreneurs at an earlier age but it trains them to be academics—or employees. Our schools do not train our young people to be entrepreneurs who can create new jobs and drive economic activities of the country and continent. What is even worse is that the government departments and agencies established to help upcoming entrepreneurs are actively destroying the entrepreneurial spirit within these entrepreneurs, because you have MBA employees trying to produce entrepreneurs. Employees produce employees and entrepreneurs produce entrepreneurs. We need to get that right now.


As you go through this course you will be challenged to step out of your comfort zone, you will learn some valuable lessons on how to start something where you are, with what you have and see the force multiplying spirit of an entrepreneur within you grow your business and increase your market share in areas you never dreamed of. You will learn how to engage your passion and bring value to society in exchange for money. You will learn how to use our A.C.T.S model for mentoring entrepreneurs and find yourself developing more level ten entrepreneurs everywhere you go.  

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