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Over the centuries many ideas have been formulated into well-known political ideologies. They have produced “schools of thought,” which have become foundations for leadership and governance. These ideas now serve as theoretical and ideological premises for the creation of government systems that govern communities, societies, cities, nations, and the world. While on the negative side, some of these ideologies have become the source of injustice, destruction, oppression, mass poverty, depression, and social terror.


This course looks at some of the failures and future threats posed by of some of these famous imported ideas such as Socialism, Nationalization, Communism, Capitalism and Neo-Liberalism. It also expounds more on the idea of democracy, the development of the partisan system and its limitations.


At the climax of the course, we introduce concept such as:

  • Non partisan people assembly and constitution

  • The difference between a nation versus a state,

  • Righteousness and justice as foundations for leadership and governance,

  • The life of Joseph and Daniel as building templates for a righteous nation in the midst of the Egyptian and Babylonian culture.


The course concludes with a clarion call to every delegate and citizens of South Africa to get involved in reclaiming the mountain of government and that the government role is so critical because this is where good or evil can be restrained or endorsed. Therefore we need a new breed of public servants in government that will turn this country into a righteous nation so that justice will flow like a river. So as the people of South Africa prepare themselves for next elections and beyond, It is very important that they select capable leaders from all the people-leaders who fear God, trustworthy men and women who hate dishonest gain--and appoint them as officials over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens. This course is a must if you are serious about governance.

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